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About Us

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At Composure Aesthetics, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty while your best qualities shine, inside and out. When it comes to making a change to your appearance, it is essential for your aesthetic provider to create subtle results others would notice but not know. We design a customized treatment plan especially for YOU. 


Kara Eveleth, RN, BSN founded Composure Aesthetics to be a comfortable, personal, high-end experience for each client. As a proud Dentonite, Kara is excited to have her own small business in Downtown Denton and contribute to the growing community. 


Kara has a genuine passion for delivering quality, ethical care to her clients. From a young age, she knew the medical field was her dream. Being an aesthetic injector fulfills the skillset and enthusiasm she has always had for her nursing career, while incorporating her artistic flair. Kara has many years of experience injecting, training under some of the best in the industry, and even teaching new injectors. She is thrilled to utilize her expertise to meet your individualized needs. 

Every treatment at Composure Aesthetics is a personalized experience. Kara uses her knowledge of anatomy and the facial aging process to complete a thorough assessment prior to treatment. She then uses a minimalistic approach to create natural-looking, refreshed results.

Kara is a proud Dentonite who resides with her loving husband, lively young son, and fluffy Australian Shepherd. They enjoy spending time as a family, making memories with friends, and being outdoors. 


Dr. Adler is a Board Certified Dermatologist who also specializes in aesthetic medicine. 

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